Credit Union Market Trends



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Data is a powerful thing. However, for your credit union to realize its full value, you need to turn that data into meaningful insights. And with the fast pace of today’s market, you need to move through the data-insights-action loop faster than ever.

You likely already have a handle on your own credit union’s performance across metrics, such as market share, balances, utilization and delinquencies, but are you able to benchmark your performance against overall credit union and non-credit union trends to identify potential areas for growth or risk adjustments?

Join us for TransUnion’s live webinar featuring credit union insights powered by Prama(SM). We’ll discuss important topics including:

  • Credit union membership growth and debt levels compared to non-credit unions
  • Credit union growth and performance in the auto, credit card and real estate markets
  • Our perspective on how you can shape these insights on your own, and leverage them to build and grow your business

Don’t miss this opportunity to uncover new trends and learn how these findings can help shape your future strategies.


Nidhi Verma

Vice President, Consulting, Innovative Solutions Group, TransUnion

Nidhi Verma leads the customer consulting team within the innovative solutions group at TransUnion. Her team is responsible for diagnosing underlying business issues, and uncovering and imparting strategic insights from credit and alternative data assets. Previously at TransUnion, she led the U.S. financial services research and consulting group, delivering industry insights around the consumer credit marketplace. She’s spent over 14 years developing financial plans, creating strategic initiatives, and driving analytics to identify and solve business problems.

Verma also held prominent positions at Discover Financial Services, Citigroup, Citi EMEA, and Fifth Third Bank, where she served as CFO of the bankcard business. She received her bachelor’s and master’s degrees in commerce from the University of Delhi and an MBA in finance from Loyola University of Chicago.

Dawn Hollowell

Director, Product Marketing


Dawn Hollowell leads TransUnion’s Prama product marketing efforts—responsible for the full Prama suite. She helps create tools and assets that enable our sales team to have stronger, more relevant conversations with customers.Prior to TransUnion, Hollowell worked for Teradata overseeing several products. Hollowell earned an MBA from Canisius College.

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Credit Union Market Trends

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