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This webinar will open the eyes of engineers and building managers to the value of proper indoor air management for the health of all occupants. Join us for a fun and exciting session with Harvard Medical School trained physician, Dr. Stephanie Taylor, and mechanical engineer, Tom Berger from Applied Systems Northwest, that will overturn incorrect presumptions, and give you clear tools to design and manage HVAC systems to support public health and improve the “bottom line”.


  • Learn about cutting edge research at the intersection of health and indoor air quality.
  • Identify yourself as a thought leader when meeting with customers, win projects by being “ahead of the curve”.
  • Learn how to manage your own home and office environment to improve your health and performance, and create a research project with your findings.
  • Revitalize your passion for your work by learning about the biology of indoor air, and by understanding how vital your work is to human health.
  • Understand the tremendous financial benefits of supporting occupant health.

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Stephanie H. Taylor MD, M Arch, CIC, RSPH(UK), MCABE, ASHRAE member

CEO and Founder
Taylor Healthcare Consulting, Inc.

Dr. Stephanie Taylor graduated with honors from Harvard Medical School in 1984. She practiced clinical medicine and did academic research in cellular growth mechanisms for the next 20+ years. During this time, she became very concerned about new infections that many hospital patients contracted while they were being treated for unrelated issues. Determined to better understand the connection to the hospital’s built environment and airborne infections and to find a practical solution to ensure better patient healthcare, she obtained her Masters Degree in Architecture from Norwich University.

After several years working in an architecture firm focused on hospital design, she founded Taylor Healthcare Commissioning, Inc., a nationally recognized consulting company that specializes in designing, building and maintaining hospitals and other commercial buildings for optimal patient health and occupant safety. Dr. Taylor continues to expand her work through ongoing studies and client assignments that allow her to better understand the relationship between the built environment and occupant health that result in the decrease of both acute and chronic diseases through management of indoor air quality and other building parameters

Thomas A. Berger, PE

Applied Systems NW

Tom Berger is a mechanical engineer who works for Applied Systems NW in Vancouver, WA, USA. His company specializes in dealing with the many useful properties of moist air in an HVAC sales practice.

Starting his career with an AHU manufacturer, Pace, in 1984, Tom was able to develop practical knowledge in heat transfer, materials science, acoustics, vibration, air flow and control, along with flow visualization and computational flow dynamics. Further, research done at the Pace labs was instrumental in developing some of the very first “clean” air handlers to be used in the making of micro circuits. Tom was awarded a patent in 1996 for a simple air flow measuring device that has no impedance, is highly accurate and costs almost nothing. Virtually every fan manufacturer in the world now uses that device.

In 2000, Tom left Pace as Vice President of Engineering and joined the sales team at Applied Systems NW. He has continued to increase his knowledge of the HVAC world with challenging projects in creating ideal environments for everything from lithium-ion batteries to seed archives to surgery suites, always with an eye toward moist air as the point of expertise.

Tom is an OSU Beaver and graduated from Oregon State University in 1982, BSME. He is an ASHRAE member. Tom lives in Portland, OR. He has one son who is a junior at OSU.

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