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The demand for innovation in the Food and Beverage Industry has new business drivers that are forcing the Food and Beverage community to re-evaluate all parts of their business. To survive and be successful, you need to leverage digitalization advantages using a strict interaction between the three steps of the value chain: Ideation, Realization and Utilization. Virtually every food and beverage company is talking about innovation and digitalization. The challenge is taking this strategy to all levels of the business including Lab and Research Management.

In this webinar we are going to dive into the area of Lab and Research Management, key to all other steps in the process of developing and manufacturing food and beverage products. If you want to properly manage the quality demands in this Digital Age and be assured your organization is equipped to avoid quality issues and product recalls; aligning and streamlining the entire value chain is key. We’ll explain how you can coordinate all the lab activities performed by research teams as well as manufacturing plants to deliver centralized quality test management. While assuring common QA/QC methods and procedures used across multiple plants and R&D labs with a single unified view on the quality of operations and research:

  • Learn how you can achieve fast and easy roll-outs throughout the company labs, including its manufacturing sites
  • How best to handle off-Line tests on production samples (I.e. samples brought to lab), at-Line tests, I.e. an operator does simple analyses (pH, moisture) and the results are collected by a terminal on the production floor and Environmental tests (e.g. water used in chemical plant, on waste, on floor samples, etc.)
  • Manage complex tests using instruments to perform for example stability and composition tests

We believe that Research activities, Production operations and Quality operations go hand in hand, and need to interact seamlessly with the overall supply chain. Join us and learn more about how best to manage your laboratory processes and make them an integrated part of the development and manufacturing plan of new product introduction for your business and how to ensure quality across the entire organization.

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Peter De Moerloose

Director PLM solutions - Consumer Products and Retail
Peter De Moerloose is a Director at Siemens PLM solutions in the Consumer Products and Retail team. He has spent over 20 years designing and implementing PLM solutions for the formulated industry, more particularly for Food and Beverage companies. He is currently responsible for architecting solutions in new opportunities, introducing innovative concepts combined with leading industry practices to help Food and Beverage companies grow.




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