Redefining Clean: Minimizing Conveyor Run Times for Employee Safety

On Demand until October 5, 2018


For years, the industry has struggled to maintain worker safety when cleaning conveyors. Now food processors have an opportunity to improve safety by minimizing or eliminating the need to actively run conveyors during sanitation. An initiative by Packers Sanitation Services, Inc. (PSSI) focuses on reducing run times by educating customers, creating hands-on training for team members, and providing high-impact videos to prove the importance of safety.

In this webinar, PSSI will share its conveyor cleaning solution to help improve working conditions in all processing plants utilizing conveyors.

The webinar will offer insights on these key points:

  • Approach to cleaning conveyors
  • Ways to implement these findings
  • How to get started in changing your conveyor cleaning protocols

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Todd Mitchell

Vice President of Technical Services

Todd has over 30 years of experience, starting with 13 years within the pork industry. Responsibilities included manufacturing operations, food safety, HACCP and employee development/training. Todd has been with PSSI for 16 years and currently leads a large team of “boots on the ground” technical service specialists whose roles are to provide leadership, service and support involving food safety, safety, workman’s compensation and employee development/training to PSSI operations and PSSI customers. Certified Food Safety Professional, HACCP certified and BRC/SQF practitioner are a few examples of the many certifications he has achieved throughout his career. Todd and his team focus on safety first, being audit ready at all times and helping to deliver a clean facility to PSSI clients on a daily basis.




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