The Evolution from Wi-Fi Router to Mini-Base Station–
Solving the Test and Deployment Challenges for 802.11ax


Duration:30 minutes


Remember the last time at the airport? Frustration when trying to download that urgent email because of a large attachment. And don’t even bother trying to stream a video. The next Wi-Fi standard to hit store shelves next year, 802.11ax (“High Efficiency” Wi-Fi), seeks to solve that problem. While previous generations of Wi-Fi have brought faster and faster speeds, the airport problem is not about speed… it is about wireless network capacity: too many users fighting for the same airwaves. 802.11ax is much more than just another speed enhancement for Wi-Fi – this new Wi-Fi standard is a breakthrough in user capacity. It does this by leveraging some tried-and-true wireless transmission technologies. While some of these techniques may already be commercialized today, such as in LTE cellular systems, deploying these technologies to the crowded and chaotic unlicensed bands in which Wi-Fi operates presents some unique challenges. Making sure that all of this works as designed in our next-generation devices means focusing on some new aspects of how Wi-Fi operates.

Join us for this information-packed webcast on what you need to know to solve the test and deployment challenges for 802.11ax. You'll learn about the significance of how and why Wi-Fi access points are transitioning from a simple signal router to a mini base station.

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Adam Smith

Product Marketing Director, LitePoint

Adam is the Director of Marketing at LitePoint. He joined LitePoint in 2012 and is responsible for managing strategy and execution for LitePoint’s portfolio of system-level test products. Adam is a 20-year veteran of the RF industry with deep expertise in wireless communications technologies. Before joining LitePoint, Adam drove product strategy, business development, and applications engineering in semiconductor test. Adam holds a Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering from Cal Poly - San Luis Obispo.


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