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Your customers can't tolerate lag, a security breach or a bad experience. You have to deliver trusted services reliably while creating value. This requires an open source platform that speeds developers' creative genius and a highly secure cloud infrastructure. Market leaders provide instantaneous data delivery any day of the year, for thousands - or millions - of simultaneous users. Learn from innovators like Cognition Foundry and Fat Brain and world-class experts how to achieve all of this by deploying exceptional digital experiences. They'll share the secrets that have enabled them to capture new markets, clients and opportunities. Your customers expect the impossible. Give it to them.

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Ron Argent


Cognition Foundry

Ron is a seasoned IT professional and business owner. With over 40 years in the IT industry, covering sales, design and engineering he has worked with many of the largest companies in the world. Recently he has focused his attention on helping start-ups take an enterprise view of application design early in their program cycle enabling their applications to be scalable and highly secure. Passionate about innovation and talent he founded Cognition Foundry in 2015, a company designed to provide easy and affordable access to an enterprise scale computing platform along with mentoring, design and architectural expertise.

Marcel Mitran

CTO, LinuxONE, Distinguished Engineer

IBM Systems

Marcel has spent fifteen years developing hardware and software technology to solve problems of the modern enterprise. With over 26 patents filed, Marcel is an IBM Master Inventor. Prior to joining IBM in 2001, Marcel received a M. Eng. degree for research he did on active vision systems at McGill’s Centre for Intelligent Machines in Montreal, Canada.

Donna Dillenberger

IBM Fellow

IBM Watson Research Center

Donna is an IBM Fellow at IBM's Watson Research Center. She has redesigned many enterprise applications for greater scalability and availability. She has worked on analytic models for financial, insurance, retail and healthcare industries. In 2005, she became IBM's Chief Technology Officer of IT Optimization. In 2006, she became an Adjunct Professor at Columbia University's Graduate School of Engineering. She is a Master Inventor and is currently working on cognitive analytics and blockchain

Rajarshi Das

Chief Data Scientist and Co-founder Fatbrain


Rajarshi has deep commercial, technical and research expertise in a wide range of areas in Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) including Deep Learning, Reinforcement Learning, Autonomous multi-agent systems, BlockChain, Game theory and E-commerce.  He has designed, implemented and demonstrated machine learning systems that automatically discover insights into complex systems from high-volume and high-dimensional data. He has also designed several self-learning autonomous systems that train themselves for intelligent decision-making in complex, dynamic real-world environments.

Over the last 20+ years Rajarshi has played a key role in leading ML research and its applications at FatBrain.io, Persistent Systems, Verdande Finance, IBM Watson Research, Los Alamos National Laboratory and Santa Fe Institute.

Rajarshi is an inventor with 20+ published patents and 10+ patent applications. He has published 60+ peer-reviewed articles at leading conferences/journals (h-index score: 36) and has organized many international conferences and workshops across the globe. His work has been featured in The New York Times, The Telegraph and The Economist.

Peter Ritz

CEO Fatbrain


Peter is a veteran technology executive and entrepreneur who has dedicated his career to working with emerging technology companies, helping launch, grow and advise many successful start-ups.

Most recently, Peter spent five years as president and managing director of Xtium, an enterprise cloud software and solutions company he co-founded, helping grow the company from its first $6.5 million 5-year customer agreement to doubling the recurring revenue in 2012 and building a world-class, motivated team supported by $13.5 million in growth funding.

Earlier, Peter was chief executive of Ntera, a nanotechnology ink and digital display provider, and president and co-founder of AirClic, an interactive print and mobile process automation SaaS company. Peter was also a venture partner with Cross Atlantic Capital Partners, a venture management company, and a managing director and co-founder of Silicon Stemcell, a technology incubator, with earlier roots working for Ikon Technology Services (purchased by Ricoh), British Telecom and Sprint International, with tenures in Europe, Latin America and South East Asia.

Peter also practiced intellectual property law as a registered patent attorney and trial lawyer. He graduated with honors from the University of Maryland with two engineering degrees, Computer Science and Biochemistry, Molecular Biology. Peter is an inventor on twenty nine (29) patents.

Moderator: Bill Stark

LinuxONE Product Marketing


Bill is the WW Product Marketing lead for IBM LinuxONE. Building on the early successes of LinuxONE in the marketplace, he is passionate about helping more Cloud Service Providers benefit from the unique qualities this technology makes available to providers and their clients. His collaborative approach and esprit de corps forged from over two decades of marketing relationships with various entities in the IT ecosystem help him develop strategies that create value for everyone involved.



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