The Culture of Quality and Its Impact on Operational Excellence

On Demand until September 26, 2018

Duration:60 minutes


When we talk about quality, there is often a common theme pinning compliance and Operational Excellence (OpEx). In many cases, “compliance” is doing what’s required of us. Most companies know this, but in order to move to OpEx we need to tap into the culture of continuous improvement, and achieve what is “desired” versus just what is “required.”

In this webinar, we will explore the key areas that can help bring a company closer to OpEx by looking at:

  • How to align people in an organization to participate in a “quality story” that helps shift the mindset towards OpEx
  • How you can drive better efficiency in connecting the processes from event detection, to event correction in a more traceable manner
  • Building metrics that drive action, and improve data transparency between processes
  • How “risk-based thinking” helps to enroll more stakeholders into the story of quality and provides a method for desired outcomes

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Tim Lozier

Director of Product Strategy
Verse Solutions

Tim is the director of product strategy for Verse Solutions, a quality and compliance management software provider that incorporates key quality processes, such as document control, corrective action, audits and training in a dedicated cloud environment. He has been involved in the quality and compliance industry for over a decade and has an extensive background in quality and compliance management systems. At Verse Solutions Tim is responsible for driving the innovation and strategy of leading cloud-based quality and compliance management software solutions. 




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