The Five Technological Forces Disrupting Security



Duration:60 minutes


This webinar explores the major technological forces that are currently disrupting the security industry and what is coming in the foreseeable future. The presentation will provide both practical guidance on how to use the new technologies to deliver better solutions to customers and a perspective on how the industry is changing as a whole.


  • Explores the five major technological forces: Cloud, Social, Mobile, Big Data and IoT are driving digital change in commercial security
  • Shows practitioners how to align security strategies with these changes
  • Examines how the consumerization of security will change the vendor playing field
  • Illustrates how security professionals can leverage these changes in their own careers
  • Provides an adoption scorecard that ranks trends and timeline for impact

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Steve Van Till

Steve Van Till founded Brivo in 1999 and has led the company to become the number one provider of cloud-based access control in the world. Steve was a pioneer in bringing cloud technology to physical security, starting with his vision and delivery of cloud access control in 2002. Steve has served on the Security Industry Association's Board of Directors since 2008, focusing on security technology issues as Chairman of SIA Standards Committee since 2011. Prior to Brivo, Steve was Director of Internet Consulting at Sapient, a software development and interactive firm, where he led strategy and technology engagements for Fortune 500 and deployments. At Geostar and Comsat Corporation, Steve engineered satellite communications systems for both private and federal customers. Steve holds a Bachelor Degree from Calvin College and was a Ph.D. candidate in physics at the University of Maryland.




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