X Overstock Office Hours Rerun

Start Date:9/20/2017

Start Time:10:00 AM PDT

Duration:60 minutes


Overstock, the leading online retailer for home goods, serves millions of customers every year. But it wasn’t always the go-to destination for the best deals on the web. As the website gained more and more traction with its users, the e-commerce site realized that a mobile shopping experience was mission critical to preserve its position in the market and expand the growing business.

For this month’s Office Hours Rerun, Rob Versaw, Director of Mobile Apps at Overstock, explores the dynamic nature of building mobile products at one of the most popular online retailers.

Don’t miss out on learning:

  • The inner workings of Overstock’s Mobile Apps team
  • Key lessons on building mobile apps for retail
  • Why data integrity is so important (and how Overstock is fixing theirs)
  • What’s inside Overstock’s analytics stack

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