Keeping Pace with Demand: Reducing Inspection Cycle Times in the Aero Engine Industry

On Demand until October 19, 2018

Duration:60 minutes


You can’t “pull over to the side of the road” to fix a defective aircraft engine. That’s why mistake-proof Quality Inspection systems have always been an integral part of the aero engine manufacturing process. But how can your organization plan a path forward when you are facing 8+ years of backlogged orders at aero engine OEM’s? Moreover, in an industry where Quality Inspection requirements frequently create bottlenecks, how can your company keep pace? Hexagon Manufacturing Intelligence has identified the need to drastically reduce inspection cycle times to meet demand, while providing a high level of confidence in the validation of a quality part. Hexagon’s solutions employ state-of-the-art technology to deploy closed-loop inspection systems, delivering up to 50% reduction in inspection cycle times.

In this presentation, Ken Frescoln, Hexagon Manufacturing Intelligence Business Development Manager – Aerospace Engines, will discuss:

  • How Aero Engine manufacturershave adopted Hexagon solutions and significantly improved throughput, while reducing production bottlenecks
  • The challenges Aero Engine manufacturers face in meeting unprecedented levels of demand, while maintaining high quality standards
  • Why Hexagon chose to invest in the Aero Engine market, and deploy cutting edge Quality Systems Solutions technology
  • How Hexagon’s portfolio of Aero Engine solutions represents industry partnerships focused on developing next generation inspection solutions

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Kenneth D Frescoln

Business Development Manager
Aerospace Engines

Ken Frescoln holds a Master’s Degree in Quality Engineering and Applied Statistics from the University of Michigan, earned his Six Sigma Black Belt certificate, and holds a B.A in Math and Economics from Albion College, in Albion MI.

After a 15-year career as an automotive engineer, Ken joined Hexagon 9.5 years ago, and has held positions as Cognitens (WLS) Sales Manager, ROMER Sales Engineer and District Sales Manager. For the past 3 years, he has been Business Development Manager in charge of providing solutions that meet the needs of Hexagon’s Aero Engine customers in North America.




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