WEBCAST 1 IS NOW AVAILABLE ON-DEMAND: Reducing Cost and Risk of Safety Critical Systems, looking at Compliance for MISRA C 2012




Start Date:9/22/2017

Start Time:1:00 PM CDT / 2:00 PM ET

Duration:60 minutes


Safety-critical systems require some of the most stringent, time-consuming and expensive development and testing processes. Increasing functionality and connectivity has even driven up test and certification costs. During this webinar, we will be discussing some of the challenges to certification and ways that process and tools can reduce the cost and improve safety, security and reliability for embedded devices. Specifically, we will discuss ways to reduce cost related to compliance with MISRA C 2012 guidelines.  During this webinar we will look at the following

  • Monitoring compliance throughout the entire development cycle
  • Reducing MISRA compliance costs and risk by streamlining developer and management workflow
  • MISRA C 2012 Guideline Enforcement Plan and an example of a Deviation Record
  • Additional security guidelines to MISRA
  • Extending with local coding standards

Please join us September 22nd as we start with a focus on MISRA C 2012.  We will share with you best practices as well as highlight how Parasoft is helping customers deal with several aspects of the certification process.  Parasoft has an industry-leading embedded testing solution along with reporting and analytics technology to help all members of the team, including management, with precision metrics and project reports to help the team focus on what matters when it comes to certification.


Andrey Madan

Andrey Madan, Senior Solution Architect, Parasoft

Andrey Madan is a software testing professional focusing on tools and methodologies.  He is currently a Senior Solution Architect at Parasoft where he is working with customers to identify best technical and business approaches for efficient testing of heterogeneous applications. Andrey is passionate about testing approaches to satisfy critical quality expectations. Prior to joining Parasoft, Andrey spent 10 years at Medtronic helping to develop embedded systems and test environments for life critical implantable products. He was a member and leader of various teams that  deliver solutions influencing all phases of SDLC. Andrey presented on topics of software testing at such conferences as DevNexus, StartEast, QUEST, GTS, ASTQB and others. Andrey received Bachelors and Master’s degrees in Computer Science from Purdue University in West-Lafayette, IN.

David Hauck

David Hauck, Director of Embedded Sales, Parasoft

David Hauck has experience in sales, marketing, and software development, spending the majority of his career working for and with organizations focused on embedded systems. After receiving his bachelors in computer science, David served as an information systems officer in the USAF. As a captain, he ran the computer operations floor for the B2 CTF at Edwards AFB and developed software for the flight test management system. As a commercial software engineer, he worked on several government programs and played an important role in the Software Technology for Adaptable Reliable Systems (STARS) project. Prior to Parasoft, David has led teams at Windriver, Rational, and GrammaTech, focused on improving the software development lifecycle from fortune 500 to the smallest start-up companies. David has presented at numerous software conferences, workshops, and tradeshows throughout his career, including keynote addresses to more than 3,000 attendees as well as presentations throughout much of Europe and Asia.



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WEBCAST 1 IS NOW AVAILABLE ON-DEMAND: Reducing Cost and Risk of Safety Critical Systems, looking at Compliance for MISRA C 2012

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