How the Latest in 3D Portable CMM Technology Can Improve Your Profitability

ON DEMAND until November 9, 2018

Duration:60 minutes


Reset Your Quality Benchmarks with Breakthrough 3D Measurement Arm Accuracy, Ruggedness, Ergonomics & More

How do you stay ahead of your competition? By not just maintaining, but always improving your level of quality and productivity. The ability to perform accurate quality inspections – quickly, easily and consistently – is paramount to your reputation and profitability.

This webinar aims at exploring the latest expectations and advances in 3D Measurement Arm solutions, including:

  • The new, rigorous standards for accuracy as defined in ISO 10360-12 – what it means and why you should care
  • Meeting ruggedness testing for shock, vibration and temperature extremes per International Electrical Commission (IEC) requirements
  • How optically-superior blue laser technology allows you measure faster with higher resolution, tighter tolerance, and accuracy on challenging surfaces
  • How to reduce user fatigue through more ergonomic, easy-to-use and intuitive operations
  • Additional innovations to look for and leverage such as extreme portability, robust Wi-Fi® and hot-swappable batteries

Join us for our webinar and see how the global standards in portable CMM technology have shifted, and how new solutions such as the FARO® QuantumS FaroArm® elevate the value and performance for manufacturing inspection and alignment.

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Les Baker

Senior Applications Engineer & ScanArm Specialist
FARO Technologies, Inc.

Les Baker has 23 years metrology experience in the Automotive, Aerospace & Contract Service sectors, utilizing traditional CMMs, Portable CMM’s and Handheld Laser Scanners across a diverse range of Applications.

Les joined FARO in 2007, after being a user of FARO products for the 10 years prior and provides instruction in FaroArm®, ScanArm, Gage and Laser Tracker across multiple software platforms. He is based at the HQ in Lake Mary, Florida and supports customers in their efforts to succeed with their FARO equipment.

Earlier this year he became the Senior Specialist for the FaroArm within FARO’s Global Application Engineering Team.




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