Qualitative Surface Metrology for Advanced Manufacturing

On Demand until November 15, 2018

Duration:30 minutes


The surface of a product plays a crucial role in overall quality. Surface quality greatly impacts both the visual appeal and functional performance of end products. Visually, it is often aesthetics that drive a consumer decision, such as the shine of fine polished jewelry, the surface texture of a cell phone, or the exterior finish of an automobile. On the other hand, though one may never see or notice a component’s surface, it can have an extensive impact on the functional performance and reliability of the end product, such as in the various interacting parts of an automobile engine, aircraft turbine, or a bio-engineered implant.

It is not an overstatement to say that surface quality, though not talked about much, is a critical part of manufacturing that needs to be understood. This webinar addresses some of the challenges of surface metrology, and shares some real-life examples of how these challenges can be overcome.

Attendees will learn:

  • How surface appearance can often determine a product’s success
  • How surface quality directly impacts the performance and reliability of both components and entire systems

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Suresh Biligiri

Suresh Biligiri is the Director of TSOM, Product Marketing at Bruker. Bruker is a leading provider of ultraprecision surface and 3D metrology and tribology products to broad industry segments, including but not limited to Life science, Semiconductor, Automotive, Aerospace, Minerals, Material science, Lubricant manufacturers and other. In his present roles and responsibilities he has worked with leading research institutions and industries to promote advanced automated products to the manufacturing segment. He has over 25 years of diverse experience in semiconductor equipment industry. His past experiences includes managing North American service support at Nikon Precision Inc., Director of marketing at Ultratech, Director of Strategic business development at Seiko Instruments, V.P. of operations at optical component manufacturing facility & V.P. at Rorze Automation amongst others. He has also cofounded a wireless application start-up as an entrepreneur. In addition to his technical experiences, he has worked extensively setting up partners and channels in Asia and South America. He has authored technical articles and presented at conferences. Mr. Biligiri holds a degree in mechanical engineering from Mysore University, India and an MBA from Golden Gate University, San Francisco.




Qualitative Surface Metrology for Advanced Manufacturing
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