“Press for Profit” Maximizing Billable Efficiency with Press Technology

START DATE: On Demand Until December 7, 2018

DURATION:60 minutes


Onboarding. Training. Field Experience. Customer Service. Sales. Profitability. Put all of these words together in relation to placing a tech on the job, and even the most seasoned business owner will get the chills!  Just a half hour of extra time not budgeted on a project can destroy your bottom line.  Press technology solutions are an excellent addition to providing the professional service, speed, and quality on which you build your company name.

Learning Objectives:

  • Press technology applications and facts
  • How a minor time overrun can erode your already tight margins
  • How to maximize your profitability and reduce risk
  • The benefits of an easy-to-train system

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Robert DeAngelo

Senior Technical Trainer

After owning and operating a successful P&M firm in Colorado for 10 years, and with 30 years in the industry at large, DeAngelo moved into technical sales for Viega, LLC. Now, as a Senior Technical Trainer with Viega, he focuses his energy and experience on helping the piping trades learn and grow. As a Master Plumber, ICC Mechanical Master, and ASSE Hydronics System Installer Trainer, he specializes in training design, installation, and business best practices.



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