The Pervasive Encryption Imperative and the European GDPR Webcast


Start Date:11/29/2017

Start Time:10:00 AM CT

Duration:30 minutes


The focus on data security is moving from industry niches to a more expansive coverage of the public at large. Where data security started with regulations covering information like patient records in America’s HIPAA legislation, now governments are seeking to set pervasive data protection standards with regulations like Europe’s GDPR.


In this session, we will see how IBM® z14™ is designed to prevent reportable data intrusions through pervasive encryption.


Mark Moore

Senior Software Engineer

Mark Moore is a senior software engineer within the IBM Competitive Project Office (CPO) specializing in hands-on research on the advantages of IBM LinuxONE, particularly for mobile applications. He has also performed extensive research comparing IBM Social Solutions to major competitors. Prior to joining the CPO, Mark had an extensive career in technical and management consulting. He has spent more than 25 years in the software industry working on operating systems, compilers, public key infrastructure, e-commerce, portals, and database publishing.


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The Pervasive Encryption Imperative and the European GDPR Webcast

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