Flexible Design and Installation Techniques with Commercial PEX



Duration:60 minutes


When considering your next commercial potable plumbing design, PEX is an ideal option with its flexibility for installation, price stability and ease of transitioning between other materials. This webinar will provide you the confidence you need to choose PEX for your next commercial project. It will also outline the different installation methods between PEX and traditional metallic systems. PEX is not only flexible in nature, but flexible in application and design as well. Knowledge gained will provide you with the confidence needed in choosing PEX for your next commercial project.

Learning Objectives

  • How to incorporate PEX into commercial plumbing installations, including hybrid systems.
  • How to identify proper installation of PEX in commercial settings.
  • Identifying various design techniques when utilizing PEX.
  • Instill confidence when choosing PEX for your next specification. 

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Jason Allison

Jason Allison, CPD is a Plumbing and Fire Protection Design Engineer at Viega, LLC. He is responsible for the design of residential fire protection systems and potable water plumbing systems for commercial and residential projects. He also works on the development of BIM/CAD files for Viega products. He holds the Certified in Plumbing Design accreditation from ASPE, and is a certified hydronics installer through ASSE. Jason continues to hold his plumbing license as a Massachusetts journeyman plumber and gasfitter.

Seth Larson

Seth Larson is the Product Manager, Plastics at Viega, LLC. He is responsible for Viega’s PureFlow product line, including oversight of new product development and product portfolio management. Seth joined Viega in 2013 as a Buyer and worked as Associate Product Manager before accepting his current position. He earned his bachelor’s degree in entrepreneurship and his master’s degree in business administration with a concentration in operations and technology management from Wichita State University.




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