Driving the Digital Enterprise for Food & Beverage


Duration:60 minutes


The business of customers is more and more impacted by the Internet. End customers are increasingly able to tell their manufactures directly - via the net - exactly what they want and when. Alternatives can often be found easily and potential business can be lost quickly.

Manufacturers need to respond with significant reduction in their time to market, with massively improved flexibility to enable individualized mass production and all that at reduced energy and resource consumption. Solutions to address these challenges are developed by initiatives better known under buzz words like the Internet of Things and Industry 4.0.

By simply focusing on the automation of manufacturing processes, it is not possible to meet the mentioned requirements. A holistic approach, stretching over the complete value-add chain and of course, including suppliers, is necessary. The manufacturing industry has definitely entered the stage where the automation of their complete workflow is the only way to ensure a long-term defendable competitive position.

We’ll walk the audience through the effects of Digitalization in the food & beverage space, with particular focus on:

  • Impact of new transformational technologies on the industry
  • A connected digital thread between R&D and manufacturing
  • How the interaction between PLM/MOM/Automation/Analytics contributes to increased speed, flexibility, efficiency, quality

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Davide Picciotto

Digital Enterprise Thought Leader

Davide has joined the exciting journey of the Digital Enterprise in early 2015 as Thought Leader in the Consumer Products space.

Previously he has been leading the Siemens US MOM Food & Beverage team since January 2013. His background is in the Manufacturing Execution space, but his focus has grown over time to cover Automation, MOM and now the broader digitalization space including PLM.

Davide has an excellent knowledge of all the technologies used in digitalization and of the value of applying them to industrial processes and has focused in the manufacturing and economics of the Process Industry linking ROI, financial KPIs, and qualitative benefits to manufacturing processes.

Davide has earned a Master Degree in Communication Engineering at the University of Genoa, IT. He is currently based in Chicago, IL.




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