Behind the scenes of CORAL: The Next Great AI Supercomputers

Start Date:TBD

Duration:60 minutes


The high performance computing landscape is evolving at a furious pace that some are describing as an important inflection point, as Moore’s Law delivers diminishing returns while performance demands increase. On the horizon there is a second inflection point as well: AI. In this Webinar, Fausto Artico, Post-Doc Researcher at the IBM T J Watson Research Center, and another special guest will disclose how the CORAL machines that IBM will deliver to Oak Ridge National Labs and Lawrence Livermore National Labs are addressing this change. He will discuss:

  • What IBM Research is doing for the CORAL Benchmarks and the CORAL systems, the main challenges that IBM and NVIDIA solved during the previous 9 months, and the software tools that IBM is developing internally to ride the 2020-2023 Exascale wave;
  • IBM’s view about the Artificial Intelligence (AI) market, the in-progress activities on Deep Learning frameworks (e.g., Caffe, TensorFlow and Torch), and what IBM did and is doing to further increase their performance on CORAL machines;
  • The Cloud and Cognitive solutions that will leverage the CORAL machines, the collaborations across several teams, what Watson and Bluemix are doing for clients and what IBM is putting in place to be able to deliver completely autonomous solutions.

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