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On Demand until December 14, 2018

Duration:52 minutes


Multi-hazard protective apparel is becoming increasingly popular, but is it the right fit for your workplace? In many situations, multi-hazard protective workwear can improve safety outcomes, and with recent product innovations, it has been designed to address more hazards than ever before. Watch this webinar to learn about the latest trends in multi-hazard protection and the safety benefits they offer, as well as how to identify the best options for your work environment.

Webinar attendees will learn:

  • How multi-hazard protective apparel helps promote safety
  • Which hazards the latest product innovations can simultaneously address
  • How to select the right multi-hazard protective apparel for various work environments

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Mark Saner

FR Tech Manager

Workrite Uniform Co.

FR Technical Manager
Workrite Uniform Company

Mark Saner is the FR technical manager for Workrite Uniform Company, a position he has held since he joined the company in 2006. He brings 40 years of experience in the fire and safety industries to his work, including 29 years in technical support, safety standards and product development for Akron Brass Manufacturing Company. Mark participates as a voting member within a number of national and international safety organizations to help develop, revise, influence and further improve standards for worker safety.

For questions related to safety requirements, product performance and industry standards, contact Mark at 1-800-521-1888 or visit




Now Trending: Multi-Hazard Protective Apparel
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