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Smarter cities: let’s make it happen!

Start Date:12/11/2017

Duration:40 minutes


Our cities are smart. They manage hundreds of thousands, sometimes millions, of people thanks to infrastructures that are perfected and keep being maintained and upgraded to meet changing needs. The cities got smart through a continuous interaction among people and resources, through mistakes, and bright, sometimes serendipitous ideas.

And they became what they are over many, many years, sometimes millennia. Yet, that does not mean cities cannot get smarter. Actually, they have to get smarter to face the bigger challenges they are facing.

Technology helps, but it is not enough. Technology has to be applied; its cost has to be affordable; and its implications have to be acceptable.

The discussions among a technologist, Roberto, and a person that is looking at the implication of technology on people, Derrick, is going to touch these different aspects -- aimed at being thought-provoking, stimulating questions that will be addressed at the WF-IoT 2018 to be held in Singapore next February 6-8, 2018.

It will be a twisted discussion based on well-known technologies and experiences looked at through the lens of what and how it can be made differently with both citizens and technologies on the stage.

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Roberto Saracco

Head of the Industrial Doctoral School
EIT Digital

Derrick de Kerckhove

McLuhan Program in Culture & Technology, University of Toronto

Shawn Chandler

Director, Global Energy Practice on the Operations and Performance Excellence team

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