Monitoring and Logging IBM Cloud Service with Sematext

Start Date:1/31/2018

Start Time:2:00 PM CST

Duration:60 minutes


Watch a demo on how to leverage Sematext and IBM Cloud Container Service for faster, more efficient DevOps. Sematext offers the platform that eliminates the chasm between performance monitoring and logs while IBM Cloud Container Service builds on Kubernetes for advanced capabilities. This enables DevOps and modernizing traditional apps, as well as simplifying security, scale and infrastructure management.

This demo will walk you through the whole process: from creating a Kubernetes cluster to adding a centralized log management and monitoring solution. What will you get?

  • A single agent for metrics, container events and logs
  • Automatic collection and processing of Docker metrics, events and logs
  • Easy correlation between metrics and logs for faster troubleshooting
  • No need to deploy and maintain your own ELK stack
  • Built-in log parsing
  • Log enrichment (like GeoIP for web server logs)
  • Log analytics with visualization and alerts

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Chris Rosen

Offering Manager IBM Cloud Container Service

Chris Rosen is a Program Director, Offering Management, for IBM Cloud Container Service and IBM Cloud Container Registry within the IBM Watson Cloud business unit. Chris is currently responsible for delivering IBM’s container service offering across public and dedicated delivery models by working closely with customers, development, design, research, and partners.

Stefan Theis

DevOps Evangelist

Stefan Thies, DevOps Evangelist at Sematext, is passionate about new software technologies and scalable system architectures. He contributes to several Node.js open source projects typically related to monitoring, logging or distributed systems.

Monitoring and Logging IBM Cloud Service with Sematext
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