Design Strategies That Fit: Tips for Optimizing Functional 3D Printed Assemblies

On Demand until January 30, 2019

Duration:60 minutes


Mechanical assemblies are synonymous with trial-and-error. While additive manufacturing speeds up the process and can reduce the cost of iteration, the essential concepts of tolerance and fit still play a big role efficiently producing prototypes that work as intended. Although additive manufacturing increases process speed and reduces cost, tolerance and fit remain an important influence in producing functioning prototypes. By attending this webinar, you will gain the skillset required to cost-effectively design functional 3D printed prototypes in fewer iterations.

What you’ll learn:

  • Design strategies for fit in static and kinematic assemblies that reduce trial and error
  • The value of tolerances in 3D printing 
  • How to choose and apply design tolerances for stereolithography (SLA) materials
  • Recommendations for lubricants, bonding components, and machining additive materials

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Amos Dudley

Amos Dudley is an applications engineer at Formlabs, dedicated to pushing the boundaries of functional 3D printing and focusing on design for multi-component additive assemblies. Amos is a CAD expert with a background in digital design and exhibition architecture.




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