How to Optimize Production Processes with Augmented Reality

On Demand until March 8, 2019

Duration:60 minutes


Are you controlling your manufacturing production processes – or are they controlling you? Today’s production often involves reams of documentation and comparison against large, cumbersome CAD files. Timely inspection during production creates its own set of bottlenecks and challenges.

WHAT IF: All the CAD data you need to document and inspect during your production processes could be easily accessed and shared with a single tap on a mobile device?

It’s possible, with Augmented Reality and Mobile Inspection solutions that provide cutting-edge ways to optimize your production processes and improve quality.

This webinar focuses on showing you how some of the most profitable manufacturers in the world are using Augmented Reality and iPad-based Mobile Inspection to simplify and streamline production, assembly and inspection.

Attend this webinar to:

  • Understand how Augmented Reality and Mobile Inspection will revolutionize the manufacturing industry
  • Dive into the many opportunities and benefits of having CAD data immediately available to control production
  • Receive an overview of key applications and use cases across various industries, including:
    • Incoming inspection and quick check
    • Quick CAD-to-part comparison
    • Component alignment and assembly verification
    • 3D quality assurance documentation
  • Learn how to integrate a simple-to-use, Augmented Reality tool into your existing processes that will allow 3D CAD data to be overlaid and directly compared to any part or assembly

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John Earnshaw

Mr. John Earnshaw has been working in the automated inspection, laser assisted assembly and metrology field for over 15 years. Currently, John is the Factory Metrology Product Manager for 3D Laser Projection and Mobile Inspection solutions at FARO Technologies. He has broad experience in product management and application engineering and is an active member of the Coordinate Metrology Society. John’s long and diverse career have provided him the opportunity to develop an understanding of the assembly and manufacturing challenges within the aerospace, defense, heavy equipment, automotive and composites industries.




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