Get more insights and business value from your Magento platform (NA)

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Today B2C organizations are in the midst of a digital disruption – shifting the focus of customer–brand relationship in favor of customers. To keep up with today’s customers, retail commerce professionals need more than just a commerce platform. They need improved business insights that lead to taking informed actions.

As a Magento commerce customer, now you can take advantage of embedded AI capabilities of IBM Watson Commerce Insights. To learn how, please join us in our webinar “Get more insights and business value from your Magento platform”.

In this 30 minute session on 6th March 2018 at 12pm ET, you will learn about the cognitive capabilities using artificial intelligence (AI) and how to:

  • Let your data recommend the optimal business actions for different business situations
  • Augment decision making not only through analytics, but with deeper actionable insights using the power of AI
  • Create personalized workspace for business metrics driven insights that matters to you

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Melody Dunn

Offerings Director, IBM Watson Commerce Insights

Melody early on decided to pursue a career in Marketing when she received a B.B.A. degree in Marketing from Emory University. She gained International Marketing experience through an internship with Shiseido Cosmetics Ltd. as a part of her M.S. degree in Japanese Business. Melody has 21 years of marketing experience at IBM and was certified as an IBM Direct Marketing Professional in 1997. She received IBM’s first Direct Marketing Association Silver Echo award for the AS/400 Catalog and a Silver Ozzie award for B2B catalog design. Melody was interviewed and quoted in the book, 'Analytics Across the Enterprise - How IBM Realizes Business Value from Big Data and Analytics'. She was responsible for leading the most successful, largest, and most complex implementation of four marketing automation applications simultaneously to 79 countries in 18 months. In 2015, she led the first organically developed Saas product to market, Journey Designer. Melody now leads the effort to deliver a suite of cognitive insights capabilities for merchandisers, fulfillment managers, store associates, and sellers that share the same insights that orchestrates business actions which drive a delightful end customer experience across channels.

Sean Wyrick

CTO, Managing Partner

Sean is a 20-year eCommerce veteran and currently is the CTO of Zilker. He has a strong background in information technology and brings over twenty years of experience in multi-channel eCommerce solutions. Currently, Sean is responsible for the strategic direction of Zilker’s consulting practices including the Digital Agency, Cognitive Services & Analytics, eCommerce, mobile and much more. During his career, he has served as an Enterprise Architect, a Solution Architect, the Vice President of eCommerce, the Vice President of Architecture and CTO. During his career, he has worked with customers including newly founded startups to Fortune 100 giants with over 5 billion a year in online revenue. He is regularly invited to speak at industry conferences about the strategic role of technology in eCommerce and is recognized as an expert in this space with over 25 certifications.

Get more insights and business value from your Magento platform (NA)
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