IBM TS7700 provides security, reliability and superior performance for today’s mainframe cloud environments

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IBM is announcing the new release of IBM TS7760 Virtual Tape System. IBM TS7700 provides the security and reliability required for mainframe environments and now it will also help reduce OPEX with enhanced data compression and it will help reduce the time it takes to protect sensitive customer and corporate data by maximizing throughput and improving utilization of IBM Z resources.

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Jeff Barber

VP, Mid Range/Low End Disk BLE
IBM Systems

Mr. Barber joined IBM directly out of college in 1982. After graduating from Notre Dame with a degree in Chemical Engineering, he accepted a post as a semiconductor engineer in IBM’s Very High Speed Integrated Circuit (VHSIC) development facility. His responsibilities included the development and optimization of fine line patterning processes for IBM’s most advanced semiconductor manufacturing facilities. During his tenure, he received IBM’s First Level Invention Award for fine line photolithographic processing techniques.

In 1986, Jeff joined IBM’s National Account Division as a client executive. He held that post until 1991 when he joined regional staff as the storage sales focal for the Mid-Atlantic region of North America. In 1997, Jeff became the regional sales manager for IBM Tape products in the East Region of the America’s Group (AG). From 2000 to 2005, he held numerous Storage sales management responsibilities in the Region. In 2006, he was named the WW Sales Executive, Disk Products; this role included global sales and market management of IBM’s DS Family of products as well as Nseries. In 2007, Jeff returned to field sales as the Director, Storage Sales, IMT West in North America. From 2008 through 2011, he returned to worldwide responsibilities being placed in charge of IBM’s global Storage sales force; he was named the WW Director of Storage Sales, STG. Finally, in 2012, Jeff took over the business line executive position for IBM’s mid-range and low-end disk products was named VP of Mid Range/Low End Disk.

Mark Peters

ESG Practice Director & Senior Analyst
Enterpreise Strategy Group, Inc.

ESG Senior Analyst Mark Peters is focused on all types of storage systems, virtualized storage, multiple solid-state media, and the emerging opportunities represented by both software-defined storage and converged systems. This seasoned analyst has three decades of data storage industry experience, holding senior management roles in sales, marketing, product management, business development, and customer intimacy in the U.S. and internationally, and even running his own communications consulting business focusing on storage and IT. Mark uses his real-world experience and rock-solid ESG research to disentangle the market outlook and lead his clients to progress and profit.

Lawrence Fuss

WW Offering Manager - Tape Virtualization
IBM Storage

Larry Fuss joined IBM in 1999, after spending 21 years as an IBM customer working for a major telecommunications company. He earned a degree in Information Systems from the University of Tulsa. Since joining IBM, Larry has worked for both IBM GTS in Managed Operations and IBM Systems as an Offering Manager. As Offering Manager, his passion is bringing virtual tape storage solutions to market that help clients reduce costs, enable new workloads, and deliver exceptional client experience.

IBM TS7700 provides security, reliability and superior performance for today’s mainframe cloud environments
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