IBM z14 in 14! Webcast: Pervasive Encryption

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Duration:14 minutes


Welcome to our new series z14 in 14, with new topics covered in 14 minutes.

First Session: Pervasive Encryption

As an IT leader, you struggle every day to solve significant trust and security concerns for your business, such as potential data breaches, an increasingly complex compliance landscape, and a lack of trust among your network of business partners. We can help you get a clear and straightforward picture of how to address these pain points. In this entertaining 7-minute whiteboard video presentation, we will explain how the new IBM® z14™ mainframe enables encryption, with a 7-minute Q&A to follow. z14 in 14!

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Q&A Experts

Emily Farmer

Senior Competitive Analyst

Emily Farmer is a senior competitive analyst and client enablement lead in the IBM IT Economics and Research Team. She studies the competitive advantages of IBM Z and IBM LinuxONE, with focus on pervasive encryption, and architectural and cost benefits. Her role includes presenting customer briefings, webinars, and conference sessions, and publishing whitepapers, presentations and articles.

Mark Moore

Senior Software Engineer

Mark Moore is a senior software engineer within the IBM Competitive Project Office (CPO) specializing in hands-on research on the advantages of IBM LinuxONE, particularly for mobile applications. He has also performed extensive research comparing IBM Social Solutions to major competitors. Prior to joining the CPO, Mark had an extensive career in technical and management consulting. He has spent more than 25 years in the software industry working on operating systems, compilers, public key infrastructure, e-commerce, portals, and database publishing.

IBM z14 in 14! Webcast: Pervasive Encryption
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