Data Center Microgrids: Optimizing Power Availability

Start Date:4/11/2018

Start Time:2:00 PM EDT

Duration:60 minutes

Credits: 1 AIA LU;0.1 IACET CEU; 1 pDH


Our society and the digital economy are highly dependent on the 24/7 availability of information systems.  Directly or indirectly, this impacts the average person, as well as businesses and government agencies at virtually every level.

Therefore, in today’s security and energy-reliability-aware world, ensuring power availability for data centers is a critical mandate.  Most recently, microgrid technologies are being considered to help optimize availability of power systems. In addition, allowing them to accommodate a variety of distributed energy sources, including some, such as solar and wind, which are variable and intermittent by their very nature.  

Thus, intelligent power management systems which are the nexus of a microgrid, must seamlessly adapt to more dynamic power sources while ensuring uninterrupted power to the data center. Moreover, the facility power infrastructure must be efficient when it comes to accommodating continuously varying load demands. It may also be modular to cost effectively increase future capacity over the expected operational life of the facility. 

As a result, data centers are considering microgrids which can incorporate various energy storage technologies to increase the availability of their power systems, as well as allowing them to cost-effectively and seamlessly meet long-term sustainability goals of an environmentally-conscious world.


  • Identify fundamental microgrid concepts, functions, and terms
  • Recognize the potential benefits of a microgrid in the data center
  • Explore how integrating energy storage sources in data centers can increase power availability
  • Describe how flexible microgrid based power systems can simplify incorporating renewable energy sources in the future

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Julius Neudorfer

Julius Neudorfer is the CTO and founder of North American Access Technologies, Inc. (NAAT). Based in Westchester, NY, NAAT’s clients include Fortune 500 firms and government agencies. NAAT has been designing and implementing data center infrastructure and related technology projects for the last 25 years.

Julius is a member of AFCOM, ASHRAE, iMasons, IEEE and The Green Grid. He is a Master Instructor for the DC-Professional Development program, as well as for the US Department of Energy “Data Center Energy Practitioner” “DCEP” program.  He developed and holds a US patent for a high efficiency cooling system for rack mounted computer equipment. 

He writes the “Hot Aisle Insight” column at Mission Critical, and has also written numerous articles and whitepapers for various IT and data center publications and has presented seminars and webinars on data center power, cooling and energy efficiency.  





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