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  Dr Mark JS Miller

Dr Mark JS Miller, PhD, MBA, FACN, CNS

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Performance and Recovery: Natural Astaxanthin Opportunities

Date: April 11th, 2018

Time: 15.00 PARIS / 09.00 NEW YORK

Duration: 60 minutes
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The Ultimate Mitochondrial Nutrient for Performance & Recovery

Join AstaReal´s expert, Dr. Mark Miller as he guides you through the latest in natural astaxanthin science and research. Discover why natural astaxanthin continues to gain attention within the sports nutrition category and explore its unique actions which reveal why it is becoming the premier ingredient for performance and recovery.

Dr. Miller has made significant contributions as both researcher, entrepreneur and marketer in the fields of health & medicine and has a remarkable ability to find new ways of understanding these topics. AstaReal® is the most clinically studied brand of natural astaxanthin and the AstaReal Group is recognized as the authority in human clinical studies. This presentation will not only bring you up to speed on the latest science but also give insight into market opportunities for natural astaxanthin within the sports nutrition space.


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