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WE Day Connect is an interactive, online event for students and educators to come together and celebrate acts of volunteerism and showcase how local youth, schools and community groups act locally and globally to make a difference. WE Day Connect features celebrity and special guests and is an action-packed program that brings the power of WE Day to schools everywhere.

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Olivia Holt (Host)

Hollywood Records recording artist and actress

Spencer West (Host)

ME to WE motivational speaker, WE ambassador and author

Ann Curry

Television Personality and News Journalist

Anthony Salcito

Vice President of Education at Microsoft

Craig Kielburger

Co-founder, WE

Featured Schools

Interlake High School, Bellevue, Washington

What started as a student’s chance discovery in Interlake’s science lab has turned into a student-led community project to provide reliable electricity to communities in need, including 30 homes in Tijuana, Mexico. Learn how this successful science and technology project captured the imaginations and support of its students, and how peer-to-peer knowledge sharing made it accessible and welcoming to all.

West Creek High School, Clarksville, Tennessee

How can classrooms use technology to help young people gain a deeper appreciation for accessibility and inclusivity? Relying only on Microsoft Soundscape—a map application that uses 3D sound to help people with blindness or low vision build a richer awareness of their surroundings—students navigated their way around downtown Clarksville, inspiring them to be more inclusive in their homes, school and community.

Moos Elementary School, Chicago, Illinois

Fueled by their passion for making a difference, the students at Moos Elementary are using their knowledge, skills and talents to solve real-world issues by taking action. Over the past year, they have worked together to run a food drive, educate one another about bullying, fundraise for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society, and implement a reading literacy campaign by partnering with their local book bank.

Summit Academy Charter School, Brooklyn, New York

In an area where low rates of school enrollment and graduation are the norm, the students of Summit Academy were challenged to think big: could more than half of their graduating class be accepted into college? Learn how they worked together to discover their potential and exceed even their own expectations by achieving a 100 percent college-acceptance rate.

Glen Ames Senior Public School, WE Headquarters

To achieve fundraising targets and raise awareness about access to clean water, students canvassed their local community, collecting bottles to support their WE Walk for Water campaign. On the day of the event, the entire school – nearly 450 participants – took part. Learn how students and teachers worked together to create event programming and share why they were excited to go above-and-beyond.

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