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Attorney-Client Communications in the Digital Age: Has Technology Forever Changed the Reasonable Expectation of Privacy?



Start Date:4/19/2018

Start Time:2 – 3:35 P.M. ET

Duration:95 minutes

Earn:1.5 CLE Credits - Questions?

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About this Webcast:

Gone are the days when you could run to the mailbox to snatch back a letter that contained wrong or confidential information. No longer do you have the extra time to express your thoughts because you weren't yet near a phone.

Whether because it's expected or because you can, you answer quickly. That increases the risk of accidentally revealing private information and decreases the time you have to catch them before they do their damage.

In the practice of law -- in communications between inside and outside counsel -- this can cause serious trouble for cases and careers. Join us on April 19 for a 90-minute CLE-eligible webinar when our speakers will discuss the tactical and ethical risks associated with rapid digital communications tools, from email to texts to mobile message apps.

What we will cover:

  • The rise of the problem of accidentally disclosing information: from “loose lips sink ships” to a regulated reality in the modern workplace.
  • How ethics rules about communications have been drafted around the idea of a reasonable expectation of privacy and how changes in technology have changed what this means.
  • How disaggregated business models -- using freelancers and vendors for work that once would have been done within a corporation --complicates the role of both in-house counsel and external lawyers.
  • How mobility and mobile devices have complicated privacy and communications.

*CLE is approved or in the process of approval for the mandatory CLE states listed below for 90 minutes of CLE credit. The type of credit allowed will be determined by the state governing MCLE Board.


Jennifer Ellis

Jennifer Ellis, J.D., LLC. Jennifer assists attorneys and law firms by making their practices more efficient and financially successful. She focuses on marketing, social media, websites and other aspects of an online presence. She provides ethics opinions and serves as an expert witness in areas including social media and legal ethics. She is former Associate Director of Media Technology for the Pennsylvania Bar Institute, the non-profit legal education arm of the Pennsylvania Bar Association. She has also worked in a variety of capacities – from managing the firm’s online presence to legal ethics defense -- at Lowenthal & Abrams. Prior to that Jennifer was a law practice management consultant at Freedman Consulting. Education: J.D., Widener University School of Law in Delaware (cum laude), member of Law Review and board member of the Moot Court Honors Society; B.A. English, Dickinson College.

Peter Norman

Peter Norman, Co-founder and Chief Legal Officer, Winnieware LLC, a software company that develops user-centered solutions to common problems faced by lawyers and other professionals. The company’s flagship product is ReplyToSome, a Microsoft Outlook add-in application that helps users avoid accidentally sending emails to the wrong people. Before co-founding Winnieware, Peter was a lawyer at the firms Arent Fox and Milbank Tweed, and in-house at SunEdison, focusing on large, multi-party, cross-border project finance, M&A, distressed debt, and private equity transactions. Much of his career was spent in Asia, where he worked and negotiated with a multi-national set of clients and partners including private companies, banks, development agencies, and government entities in countries such as India, Indonesia, China, and Japan. While at SunEdison, he was also responsible for developing and enforcing non-disclosure agreements to protect the company’s trade secrets in Asia, and for other compliance matters such as FCPA investigations. Now based in Philadelphia, Peter has written and spoken extensively about lawyers’ ethical responsibilities for protecting confidential information in his capacity as Winnieware LLC’s Managing Member and Chief Legal Officer. Education: J.D., New York University School of Law; B.A., Philosophy, Yale University.


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Attorney-Client Communications in the Digital Age: Has Technology Forever Changed the Reasonable Expectation of Privacy?

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