Try Before You Buy: How the Latest Technology Takes the Guesswork out of Paint Performance

On Demand until June 13th, 2019

Duration:30 minutes


Learn about the latest and greatest in measurement technology from a Ti-Pure™ coatings expert. The way paint looks once applied to a wall varies due to a number of factors: its flow, the method of application, the type of tools used, and more. The intrinsic hiding power of a paint, or theoretical spread rate, is well understood and measurable. In a lab, one can determine exactly how many square meters can be covered at a certain contrast ratio…but only if the application is perfectly uniform. However, this test simply does not portray the reality and variability of painting. In reality, the hiding power, or coverage, of a paint changes based on the application result. Chemours has taken the guesswork out of these variances by developing an innovative technology using statistical image analysis of the paint surface to truly quantify the surface structure, and real hiding power. Join the webinar to learn more about this groundbreaking technology—and how your business can benefit.

  • Learn how a 3D image of a rolled-on paint can be generated.
  • Discover how the 3D image reveals differences in the flow characteristics (rheology) of the wet paint
  • Learn about quantifying applied hiding power through statistical image analysis.
  • Learn how you can use this technique for analysis and improvement of your paint offering.

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Steven De Backer

Steven De Backer obtained a PhD in physical chemistry at the University of Leuven, Belgium. He worked for years in the quality department of Innogenetics, a Belgian pharmaceutical company. After that, he started his career at DuPont de Nemours in Mechelen, Belgium, where he worked for four years as a formulating chemist of waterborne automotive coatings. Since 2007, he has been a technical consultant for the Ti-Pure™ brand, formerly of DuPont and now of The Chemours Company; serving the European, African, and Middle Eastern coatings markets. Over the last years he developed new approaches to formulate architectural coatings which accounted for the environmental impact (LCA) of a coating. Currently, Steven is focused on the quantification and optimization of the hiding power of an architectural coating once it is applied under real life conditions. His work is presented at major conferences globally, is published in accredited industry journals, and has been discussed in various seminars and webinars.


As the world’s largest TiO2 producer, Chemours Titanium Technologies is known globally for market commitment and unique production capabilities. Chemours invented the chloride production route to TiO2 and now operate a unique version of it at all our manufacturing sites around the world. Our Ti-Pure™ branded products are sold in all major markets and applications worldwide and are well-known for their consistently high quality, which in turn enables our customers to sell premium products to their customers. Ti-Pure™ stands for more than just great products. It also means global capacity, market insight, quality consistency, technical support and leadership, and innovation across markets. Ti-Pure™ has been the global leader in TiO2 for over 80 years, and continues to collaborate with customers to drive innovative solutions to improve lives across the world.



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