Enterprise Node.js on OpenShift

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JavaScript has always played an important role in the browser, and now it’s use in enterprise server-side development has exploded with Node.js. It’s reactive architecture and lightweight makes it an ideal technology for containerized microservicefs architectures you’ve been hearing so much about. What does this mean for your enterprise? Where does it fit, and how can Red Hat® OpenShift Application Runtimes help you use this technology while still taking advantage of the foremost Platform-as-a-Service?

Join this session for the answers. We’ll also demonstrate how quickly you can set up a non-trivial, enterprise-grade Node.js applications on Red Hat OpenShift Container Platform.

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Lance Ball

Principal software engineer, Red Hat

Lance Ball is the lead engineer for the Node.js activities within Red Hat JBoss® Middleware and a Node.js core contributor. Lance speaks at conferences around the world, and he enjoy writing code in lots of different programming languages.

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