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  Dr. Lisa Ryan

Dr. Lisa Ryan

Head of the Natural Sciences Department in the School of Science and Computing

Galway-Mayo Institute of Technology

  Dr. Ben Lawlor Dr. Benedict Lawlor

Sensory, Consumer & Analytical Sciences Director

Kerry Taste & Nutrition
  Speaker Moderator:

Robin Wyers

Chief Editor

CNS Media

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Better Beverages: The Future is Nutrition

Date: June 27, 2018

Time: 9am Central Time CDT, 4pm CET European Time

Duration: 30 minutes
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Nutrition science is making itself heard in the beverage category. Protein coffees, probiotic juices, and turmeric teas are common sightings as demand for convenient, functional foods increases with consumers. This leaves many of us asking the questions like:

“What is the future of nutrition for beverages?”
“How can products continue to be differentiated?”

In this webinar, learn about up and coming nutrition ingredients from Dr. Lisa Ryan, a worldwide leader in functional food and phytochemical research.

Dr. Ben Lawlor, Director of Sensory, Consumer and Analytical Sciences at Kerry, will discuss how sensory science can be used to influence food intake across age groups.

Join us for a webinar looking to unwrap the future of nutrition for beverages. You will walk away with key insights into:

  1. Emerging nutrition ingredients
  2. Improving satiety using sensory science
  3. Incorporating functional benefits


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