Git on Z: Migration best practices

Start Date:2/5/2019

Start Time:11:00 AM EST

Duration:60 minutes


In this webinar, learn from the experts how to easily migrate to Git using IBM Z Open Development. Z Open Development provides Rocket Software's port of Git bundled with EGit, making Git on Z possible through IBM Dependency Based Build.  

As many know, Git is the de facto SCM for the open source community, and is considered the standard SCM for distributed software delivery in many enterprises. Until now, the most common option for z/OS development teams was to use a legacy SCM, which further secludes the Z platform. Because of this, all the key advantages of using Git (full isolation, true parallel development with branching and merging) haven't been available to the mainframe world. With Z Open Development, however, development teams can deliver with speed and quality using a modern, standardized SCM.

If you're looking to take the first step in your Digital Transformation journey, don't miss this webinar.

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Nicolas Dangeville

Senior Technical Staff Member – IBM Z DevOps and Notable IBM Technical Advocate

Yann Kindelberger

Yann Kindelberger is the lead Architect of the banking showcase in the IBM Client Center of Montpellier. Before joining IBM, Yann had a several years experience of working for different System Integrators in the design and application development areas. Now, as an Executive Integration Architect, Yann is in charge of designing advanced IT solutions to meet customer challenges mainly in the retail banking and payment industry. He has been involved in many pre-sales projects and workshops aiming to propose the right infrastructure and integration architecture for customers according to their functional and non functional requirements in various domains like Service Oriented Architecture, APIs, Microservices architecture and analytics. Since 2017, Yann has been involved in some pre-sales engagements around legacy application modernization.

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