Your CI/CD Pipeline Needs Automated Unit Tests

Start Date:4/30/2019

Start Time:11:00 AM EDT

Duration:60 minutes


Many developers agree that testing causes significant delays in the development cycle. To combat this, many teams practice Continuous Integration (CI) -- a process in which developers build and test their code after each change. By "shifting-left," or testing earlier in the development cycle, teams find and fix bugs early on (and save time and money in doing so). With automated unit tests, shifting-left becomes even easier.

So is shift-left testing possible for mainframe development teams? Absolutely! In this webinar, learn how z/OS application developers can rapidly generate and execute automated unit tests for batch and CICS programs. This session will include a demo of IBM Z Open Unit Test (ZUnit) along with IBM Z Open Development. Working together, these two products provide a powerful development and testing environment. 

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Joseph Taffe-Atkins

Client Technical Specialist - DevOps Software - System Z (Mainframe)

Flemming Petersen

DevOps for the Enterprise, Technical Sales & Solutions

Your CI/CD Pipeline Needs Automated Unit Tests
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