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Preparing for the new ‘front of the eye’ visual health crisis: Formulating for eye strain, computer visual syndrome and dry eye


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Start Date:6/11/2019

Start Time:1:00 PM JST

Duration:30 minutes


Our eyes are the most valuable sense organ and yet the most vulnerable to damage. Universal, pervasive use of computer screens and digital devices in our daily lives exposes us to enormous visual phototoxicity—resulting in an unprecedented epidemic of anterior eye problems.

This webinar will discuss the mechanics of this rising epidemic and which groups will suffer most from eye strain, computer vision syndrome, and dry eye syndrome.

Finally, we will look at formulations supported by clinical research to enhance and protect both anterior and posterior eye structures from ocular phototoxicity.


Robert Corish, M.D.

Medical Advisor
AstaReal - Natural Astaxanthin

Dr. Corish obtained a medical doctorate (M.D.) at the University of Miami, Florida. He is board certified and an associate of the American College of Nutrition, trained in clinical toxicology, and recognized as an expert in preventative medicine with extensive expertise in natural astaxanthin.

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