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Sustaining a Virtual Workplace of the Future

How organizations are transforming to sustain work from home technology indefinitely

Without a doubt, the global economy and work mode has changed on a dime. The majority of all knowledge workers are now working from home. Organizations have scrambled over the last month to enable their employees and contractors to transition to a work from home model. And with no clear end in sight for the COVID-19 pandemic, organizations need to plan for a sustainable digital transformation to ensure business continuity. Mainstream adoption of remote work technologies can bring benefits beyond maintaining business as usual.  In fact, according to Gartner Research, Desktop as a Service will show rapid growth throughout 2023, growing to $2.6 billion with a compound annual growth rate of 58.8%.  And that’s just one example of technology that businesses are embracing as part of their remote work strategy. 
What are the major core technologies that are necessary for businesses to succeed in a remote world, how can they help us succeed, what are the pros and the cons, and what should we expect next? 

Join our panelists of virtual and remote technology experts for a discussion on how to sustain a virtual workplace of the future. 

Presented by Tehama and Teradici

Start Date:4/27/2020

Start Time:2:00 PM EDT

Duration:60 minutes

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Gene Villeneuve



Gene Villeneuve is a seasoned IT leader with more than two decades of experience. He is passionate about helping customers and partners adopt technology for better business outcomes. At Tehama, he directs the strategy, market growth and customer success of the cloud-based platform. Before Tehama, Gene held several executive positions at IBM, most recently as Worldwide Director of Lab Services for Financial Crimes Insight Solutions in the Watson Financial Services Solutions division. He has also held European and Global executive roles at IBM, Cognos, SAP (Business Objects) and OLAP@Work. Gene is recognized as a visionary thought leader and is a sought-after speaker for both client and industry events.

Paul Austin

Director, Global Channels


Paul Austin, Director of Global Channels for Teradici is self-described as artistic and collaborative by nature. Benefitting from a nearly thirty year career in IT, Paul has always been fascinated by the intersection of creativity and technology, and the way that the latter unleashes the former. Nowhere is this more apparent than in the media and entertainment industry, where advanced technology produces a product that is truly indistinguishable from magic.

Aaron Spradlin

Co-Founder and Chief Visionary


Aaron Spradlin is the Co-Founder and Chief Visionary Officer of cleverDome, Inc. He is also responsible for the strategic direction and overall management of IT infrastructure, Software Development/Integration and Technology Platform at United Planners as CIO and at Excell Solutions LLC as President. Aaron has taken his determination for meaningful business solutions to develop innovative technology solutions in a collaborative fashion with strategic partners to drive their collective abilities to deliver disruptive platforms. Aaron joined United Planners in 2007 with 15 years of industry experience. Prior to joining United Planners, Aaron has been a sought-after industry consultant as well as being a Director at Charles Schwab and Business Analyst for AIG.

Jaymes Davis

Director of Product Strategy


Jaymes Davis is a published author whose whitepapers and articles have been endorsed by the industry’s top end user computing experts and innovators. With nearly two decades of experience in the IT services industry, Jaymes Davis is considered one of the industry’s top Business & technology consultants.His broad range of expertise has helped clients address many issues to increase their IT process efficiency or to solve a business process need, as well as lowering the total cost of ownership. His breadth of knowledge includes the development of a consulting methodology of the Virtual Oriented Architecture, which closely ties business strategies and needs to IT infrastructure and direction.

Dane Young



Dane Young (@youngtech) is an industry recognized End User Computing expert, recognized at the highest levels with several leading vendors’ invite only recognition programs. He is a business owner and entrepreneur, leading a team of virtualization and cloud architects, specializing in the design and deployment of application, desktop, server virtualization, end user computing and cloud technologies. In 2018, Dane inspired and created YOUNG TECHNOLOGIES, LLC (“YOUNGTECH”) to empower clients to convert their technology roadblocks into a roadmap to success. Dane does this by working with clients and partners to develop and execute projects at every scale. For more information visit or
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