Trends in Security Pay & Bill Rates - How Do You Stack Up?


Duration:60 minutes


Perhaps one of the most commonly asked questions among security guard firms is “how can I be competitive with my pay rates and bill rates?” We’re here to finally give you an answer to that question. In this webinar, we’ll share quantitative, real-world pay and bill rate data from hundreds of security firms across the U.S. to identify common trends. We’ll review how companies price their services based on location, type of post, and the size of the firm. We’ll also look at how rates vary by these factors and provide an analysis on how to leverage this information to build a more competitive business model while streamlining profit margins.   

We’ll also hear from industry expert Marc Bognar, CPP, former COO of SOS Security, on how to remain competitive when winning business as well as the key areas to focus on when establishing pay and bill rates.

 You’ll learn:

  • The current pay rates and bill rates for private security guard firms in the U.S.
  • How these rates vary by state, post types, company size, and more
  • Insights on how to create a more competitive model to win business
  • Advice on streamlining operations to improve profit margins


Jeff DiDomenico

VP of Business Development

Trackforce Valiant

Jeff joined Valiant in 2000 as a partner & VP of sales & marketing after successfully selling a nationally recognized computer supplies company that he co-founded to OfficeMax. In the following 19 years Jeff has helped Valiant become the leading provider of security management software in North America. Other accomplishments include the Valiant Partner Marketplace, the Security Executive Roadshow, and various client events. Jeff is a frequent participant and speaker at security associations, thought leader, and content curator.

Marc Bognar

Chief Operating Officer

Brosnan Risk Consultants

For over 30 years, Marc has been instrumental in the growth and operations of security services companies. Having joined SOS Security in 2011, Marc helped grow it from a small regional company to the 4th largest security company in the US. Having served as their Chief Operating Officer for most of that time, he oversaw operations as well as successfully integrated 14 acquisitions. Marc is Board Certified in Security Management and brings a wealth of experience working with large and small security organizations in establishing processes and systems to create a competitive advantage in the market.


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Trends in Security Pay & Bill Rates - How Do You Stack Up?
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