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The intimate relationship between the microbiome and immune system – and the important role probiotics may play

Start Date:November 19, 2020

Start Time:15:00 CET

Duration:45 minutes


Everybody talks about immune health. What should you be looking for when choosing a probiotic strain that may help support the immune system?

Join this webinar and learn more about WHY science is so important 
  • The Human Microbiome and how it is connected with the immune system throughout life stages  
  • What should you look for when selecting probiotic strains?  
  • Clinical studies using an immune challenge model for validating the role probiotics may play in supporting the immune system   
  • Chr. Hansen differentiated probiotic strain solutions for immune health 
  • The Clinical and real-world perspective by Prof. Eric Claassen

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Dr. Adam Baker

Director of Science, Human Health

Chr. Hansen

Adam leads the Human Health and Microbiome Research and Development team. The team is responsible for the research of current and next-generation probiotics, the development of technical in vitro and in vivo discovery platforms and for Mode of action research. Adam focuses on the key role of bacteria and the microbiome throughout life and how these bacteria play important roles in our health.

Mie Elhauge Kristensen MSc

Scientific Advisor, Human Health

Chr. Hansen

Mie is a scientific advisor in the Human Health Commercial Development team. She works with clinical trial results, focusing on the mechanisms and effects of probiotic strains within gastrointestinal, immune and urogenital health.

Prof. Eric Claassen, Immunologist

Professor at Athena Institute at

Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Eric is SMBWO board certified Immunologist and family man. He has been working on probiotic use, innovation barriers and mechanisms of action since 1989. He has been a professor since 1994, first in Immunomodulation and currently in: “Business management and Entrepreneurship in Health & Life Sciences with a Tenure Full Professorship (0.4 FTE). He teaches on Clinical Trials and Innovation. In 2020 eight PhD students are working under his direct guidance at the cross roads of Medical/Life Sciences, Probiotics, Business development and IP management. Eric is senior author on almost 300 peer reviewed papers and patents and has supervised/completed over 30 PhD’s. Recently, Eric published/edited a book on “Microbiota in health and disease: from pregnancy to childhood” (2018) and a book on “Immunological recognition of peptides in Medicine and Biology”. In 2019 he published “Gezond naar 115” or translated “Healthy towards 115” in Dutch a book for the general public on healthy aging. Eric currently is Chairman of the SAB of Chr. Hansen A/S.

Katherine Durrell

Katherine is Platform Editor for CNS Media, which includes and Her MA in Linguistics has given her a keen sense of the power of language, which she enjoys putting to use in concise and interesting articles about the nutritional and F&B arenas.

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