Know your Project % of Complete in Real Time: A Simple Tool for Automating Project Installation Tracking & Reporting

On-demand Until July 21, 2021

Duration:60 minutes


Finally, a quick and accurate way to reduce risk and gain insight on project progress status.

Lack of project visibility is a loss of project control — resulting in increased costs, broken schedules, and decreased profitability. In this special webinar, presented by Innovative Construction Technology, learn how to quickly implement a daily or weekly process to get updates on projects to better manage scheduling, billing, and project estimation.

The process starts at your fingertips. The ICT Tracker mobile app replaces manual processes by digitizing the collection of data on site using patent-pending AR technology. Users can view 3D design models on a tablet and compare it against installed systems onsite, which gives contractors real-time data to track, measure, and improve project installation productivity.

Data can be shared immediately with all stakeholders for better decisions based on detailed, up-to-date information, which makes the software ideal for tracking mechanical, plumbing, electric, and fire protection systems.   

Learning objectives:
  • Learn how to accurately measure project % complete in real time.
  • Learn how to identify problem areas and activities and have the data to make adjustments.
  • Learn how to digitize the jobsite, eliminate inaccurate or manual processes, and take the subjectivity out of data collection.
  • See how easy it is to implement in the field with a tool that was designed for use by foremen, project engineers, or apprentices.  

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Corey Chestnut

HVAC Project Manager
Climate Engineers

Corey is the lead design build HVAC project manager at Climate Engineers in Hiawatha, Iowa. He has also served on committees and panels for the New Horizons Foundation on productivity tracking, and ductwork prefabrication. With previous experience in both design, HVAC detailing, and field management, Corey is excited to share his experience and answer questions about ICT Tracker and its benefit to the project manager and the project as a whole.

Steven Goulder

Project Manager/Estimator
Climate Engineers

Steven is a PM/estimator for Climate Engineers in Eldridge Iowa. He has held positions as a field foreman and cad detailer as well as a permanent member of the safety committee over the past 12 years. Having worked in the field/shop he is a firm believer in keeping strong relationships between the office and field/shop employees.



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Know your Project % of Complete in Real Time: A Simple Tool for Automating Project Installation Tracking & Reporting
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