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10.1.VM Ware- The Future of Remote Work: Connecting Security and IT

Start Date:10/1/2020

Start Time:2:00 PM EDT

Duration:60 minutes


CIOs, CISOs, and the teams they lead are constantly learning to adjust the operational and cybersecurity requirements of a remote workforce. And the stakes are high. Faced with the combined challenges of an expanding risk surface area, a disparate staff, and a complex set of tools and workflows, enterprise teams need help. Traditionally, security and IT teams have relied on a distinct set of tools to provision, manage, and monitor remote employee access to endpoints, apps, and other systems they need to do their jobs. Even though security and IT teams share a common set of goals, the lack of a shared toolset impedes their ability to gain collective progress. As detailed in our eBook, distributed workforces may become the norm for most enterprises.
Join us for this webinar as VMware Chief Operating Officer Sanjay Poonen and our security experts unpack the following:
How a cloud-native and intrinsic-security approach unifies security and IT management across all control points in an organization (endpoints, workloads, clouds, networks, and identity);
· Remote workforce risks and rewards: understanding and addressing the three most common risk scenarios that might impact your remote employees;
· The latest threat vectors targeted specifically at remote workforces, including ransomware, phishing attacks, botnets, and fake apps and other systems they need to do their jobs; and
· How the lack of a shared toolset impedes their ability to gain collective progress.

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Taree Reardon

Senior Threat Analyst and Shift Lead, VMware

VMware Carbon Black

As a Senior Threat Analyst Shift Lead with VMware, Taree Reardon has been fascinated with identifying and dissecting new and emerging threats. During her time at VMware, she has helped identify and analyze several new attack variants, including one of the first known uses of the BlueKeep exploit in a customer’s environment.

Tom Kellerman

Head of Cybersecurity Strategy

VM Ware

Tom Kellermann is the Head of Cybersecurity Strategy for VMware. In 2020, he was appointed to the Cyber Investigations Advisory Board for the United States Secret Service

Rick McElroy

Cybersecurity Strategist

VMware Carbon Black

Rick McElroy, Security Strategist at VMware Carbon Black, has 20 years of information security experience educating and advising organizations on reducing their risk posture and tackling tough security challenges. He has held security positions with the U.S. Department of Defense, and in several industries including retail, insurance, entertainment, cloud computing, and higher education. As a United States Marine, McElroy’s work included physical security and counterterrorism services.
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