AI in Software Testing: Is It Time to Dive In?

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AI arrived to the software testing field a few years ago, but we still have a lot of questions. Is it time to dive in? What have early adopters learned from using real AI for QA? What works and what doesn’t? What do you need to know to lead your company in AI-driven test generation?

Join this energetic live discussion to find out how AI can be applied to software testing and how you might be able to benefit today from AI-based test generation.

You will learn how to:

  • Use AI today to generate tests
  • Create AI validations so they can help you find more issues
  • Evolve your testing organization to take advantage of AI now

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Max Saperstone


Max Saperstone has been working as a Software and Test Engineer for over a decade, with a focus on Test Automation within the CI/CD process. He specializes in open source tools, including the Selenium Tool Suite, JMeter, AutoIT, Cucumber, and Chef. Max has lead several testing automation efforts, mainly acting as a Test Architect, ensuring quality software is released rapidly and efficiently, while reducing the amount of manual effort involved. His recent efforts have been around DevOps work, architecting and building out pipelines, with an effort on integrating test automation in at multiple levels. He currently heads up the development of Selenified, an open sourced testing framework to allow testing of multiple interfaces, custom reporting, and minimal test upkeep.

Kevin Surace



Kevin Surace is CEO & CTO of and has been awarded 84 patents worldwide. He led pioneering work on the first cellular data smartphone (AirCommunicator), the first plastic multichip semiconductor packages, the first human-like AI virtual assistant (Portico), soundproof drywall, high R-value windows, AI-driven building management technology, AI-driven QA automation, and the window/energy retrofits of the Empire State Building and NY Stock Exchange. Kevin has been featured by Businessweek, Time, Fortune, Forbes, CNN, ABC, MSNBC, FOX News, and has keynoted hundreds of events, from INC5000 to TED to the US Congress. He was INC Magazines’ Entrepreneur of the Year, a CNBC top Innovator of the Decade, World Economic Forum Tech Pioneer, Chair of Silicon Valley Forum, Planet Forward Innovator of the Year nominee, featured for 5 years on TechTV’s Silicon Spin, and inducted into RIT’s Innovation Hall of Fame.



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AI in Software Testing: Is It Time to Dive In?
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