Building freely distributed containers with open tools

Start Date:October 17, 2019

Start Time: 12:00 PM ET

Duration:30 minutes


Although explaining how to ride a Tron-style light cycle is beyond the scope of this talk, we will discuss something almost as exhilarating—building containers with Podman and Red Hat Universal Base Image (UBI). We will cover how to build and run containers based on UBI using just your regular user account—no daemon, no root (rootless), no fuss. Finally, we will order the deresolution of all of our containers with a really cool command. You probably won’t be promoted to CEO of ENCOM after this talk, but you will have new tools in your toolbelt for how to find, run, build, and share container images.

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Scott McCarty

Senior Strategist, Red Hat

Scott McCarty is the Senior Strategist, Containers where he helps to educate IT professionals, customers, and partners on all aspects of Linux containers, from organizational transformation to technical implementation, and works to advance Red Hat's go-to-market strategy around containers and related technologies. He also liaises with engineering teams, both at the product and upstream project level, to help drive innovation by using feedback from Red Hat customers and partners as drivers to enhance and tailor container features and capabilities for the real world of enterprise IT. You can follow him on Twitter @fatherlinux.

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