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COTS, C++, and Standards Compliance : Minimize the Pain, Maximize the Quality

Start Date:1/21/2021

Start Time:9:00 AM EST

Duration:60 minutes


A new requirement for adherence to function safety or security standards can be a rude awakening for the uninitiated. There can be no half measures when applications are critical.  

Requirements traceability, static analysis, dynamic coverage analysis, and unit/integration testing are deemed essential, not just at the end of development but throughout the development lifecycle. Such activities can come at a considerable overhead. 

Off the shelf and open source software promise to offset that, and are in abundant supply for common system components such as RTOS and UI. However, integrating them within the application domain in a safety- or security-critical context can be a logistical nightmare for the unwary. 

This webinar will help you to pick your way through the demands of the functional safety and cybersecurity standards to minimize the pain of compliance while maximising the benefit of COTS software component use. 

You will learn: 
· How to integrate COTS software components (UI) successfully within a functional safety application (Aurindam Jana, Product Director, The Qt Company) 

· How to adhere to standards incorporating COTS software components (Martin Woodhall, Field Applications Engineer, LDRA) 


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Martin Woodhall

Field Application Engineer


Now in his 5th year with LDRA software solutions and with a master’s degree in engineering from Durham University, Martin Woodhall brings expertise and experience in the renewable energy industries to his role as Field Application Engineer. Martin inspires the application of best-practice techniques through the application of LDRA tools in the development of safe and secure embedded applications across the aerospace, process, automotive, and medical industries.

Aurindam Jana

Product Director

The Qt Company

Aurindam Jana has been working in the software industry for over a decade and currently works at The Qt Company in Berlin, Germany. Aurindam has his roots in software architecture, design and development through his previous work in Nokia and Qt R&D teams. He moved to Sales at The Qt Company where he successfully led his team in acquiring new business in Western Europe. Subsequent to that, he was responsible for driving Qt’s business globally in the Industrial Automation and Consumer market. Currently he is heading Qt’s business division delivering software tools for graphics on microcontrollers targeting the automotive, consumer and industrial market segments.

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