How the Made with REAL Eggs® Certification Seal Supports Your Business


Duration:60 minutes


When it comes to food choices, consumers want it all. They demand authenticity and clean label transparency—and they often want all that information in a split second. Whether it’s restaurant menu board or a retail grocery shelf, these shoppers first use their eyes as they consider reasons to buy—or not buy—one product versus another. So how do you quickly convey clean label wholesomeness? 

Consumers already know eggs are a nutritional powerhouse and a clean label ingredient. But now a new “Made with REAL Eggs®” certification seal provides a positive, on-pack point of difference and encourages purchase. The American Egg Board has new research demonstrating the power of this brand new Made with REAL Eggs® certification seal.

In this dynamic webinar you’ll learn:
  • What consumers are looking for on food labels
  • How the new Made with REAL Eggs® certification seal communicates that food products are made with genuine eggs
  • The positive business benefits that the use of the Made with REAL Eggs® certification seal brings to both packaged and freshly prepared food products
  • The incredible nutrition and versatile functionality of REAL Egg Ingredients
  • How to easily apply for the complimentary Made with REAL Eggs® certification seal!


Phaedra Ruffalo, M.S., CSPI

Senior Director, Market Development
American Egg Board

Phaedra focuses her AEB team on marketing, innovation, new market channels, research and educational programs for Foodservice and Food Manufacturers. She has extensive experience in marketing, innovation and revenue growth across the Foodservice, CPG, and Food Ingredients sectors. Phaedra holds a B.S. in Food Marketing & Distribution, with a minor in Packaging Science and an M.S. in Hospitality Management from Rochester Institute of Technology.

Merissa Doran

Group Manager, Custom Insights

Merissa manages Datassential’s Omnibus program and has 10+ years of supplier-side research and insight experience. She has extensive knowledge across qualitative and quantitative methodologies, including awareness, attitude and usage, menu innovation and optimization, and concept testing. Merissa holds a B.S. in Business Admin and a B.S. in Psychology from Elmhurst College.


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How the Made with REAL Eggs® Certification Seal Supports Your Business
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