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Implement Critical IoT Security Features in Days, Not Months

Start Date:6/16/2021

Start Time:2:00 PM EDT

Duration:60 minutes


Cybersecurity is more critical than ever, as evidenced by the SolarWinds and Colonial Pipeline attacks causing major disruptions, hazards, and shut-downs. As billions of IoT devices are deployed each year, adversaries are becoming more adept at taking advantage of vulnerabilities in critical operational technology systems causing significant financial, operational, and safety impacts.

Most IoT developers agree security is a top concern. However, few have the expertise with cybersecurity protocols necessary to secure devices. As a result, many IoT devices are deployed without even a cybersecurity baseline, creating system vulnerabilities for hackers to exploit.

This webinar will tackle the critically important topic of IoT cybersecurity, highlight the obstacles developers face implementing security on IoT devices, and describe how to create a baseline security architecture with simple tools and resources. Experts from BG Networks and WINSYSTEMS will present essential aspects of cybersecurity, including:

-        Establish and extend device root-of-trust

-        Secure boot 

-        Anomaly detection using NXP I.MX 8 features

-        Data Encryption

-        Secure debug and I/O interfaces 

-        Secure Over-the-Air (OTA) updates

-        Secure communications

-        Key management

BG Networks and WINSYSTEMS know cybersecurity is complex, time-consuming, and challenging to implement. This webinar is for embedded engineers and their managers who develop IoT software and have limited time to fully add cybersecurity. Our goal is to help these developers implement essential security features quickly and easily using automation tools, open-source software, and security-enabled features in off-the-shelf hardware.

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Colin Duggan


BG Networks, Inc.

Before founding BG Networks in 2020, Colin worked at Analog Devices (ADI) for 29 years in various engineering, management, and marketing leadership roles. He worked as Director of Automotive cybersecurity, continuously advocated for cybersecurity in embedded projects, and assisted in acquiring a cybersecurity company adding their expertise to ADI's core competencies. Technically he has an extensive background in cybersecurity, digital signal processing, embedded processors, and reference design development. Embedded processor markets that he has developed products for include consumer, automotive, healthcare, and industrial.

Michael Duren

Senior Cybersecurity Engineer

Cyber Moxie, LLC

Michael Duren is a technology leader who has been developing products and solutions across a broad range of technical domains throughout his career. He has worked in the security field for more 25 years across both commercial and defense sectors and has developed and deployed many advanced technology solutions for organizations both large and small. His areas of expertise range from enterprise security program development to cryptographic solutions, digital forensic technologies, and advanced Research and Development. Michael has authored several patents in the area of IoT security and authentication of hardware devices based on physical attribution.

George Hilliard

Technical Sales Director


George Thomas “G.T.” Hilliard joined WINSYSTEMS in 1994 and has over 25 years of professional experience assisting clients to solve technical challenges. George has a BS in Electronic Engineering Technology and previously worked at a Fortune 500 company, where he provided technical support for industrial control and sortation systems. Starting as an Application Engineer, George now leads the sales and marketing department where he continues to enjoy supporting clients to solve technical and business challenges. George is an avid reader and loves hands-on technology. When not at the office, he devotes most of his time to family and faith. He also enjoys the outdoors and soccer at all levels.

Jack Smith

Technology Director


Jack is an expert in Computer and Embedded System Architecture and Design and brings more than 20 years of experience implementing and productizing hardware and software projects. He came to WINSYSTEMS in 2016 following a 6-year stint in the startup world where he focused on low power design and cybersecurity, and successfully pioneered the development and productization of hardware and software technologies that increase IOT security in edge and gateway applications. Prior to that, Jack spent 8 years in the enterprise storage industry where he successfully supported customer designs from inception to production ramps of $100M+. He started his career at Intel, spending 10 years in chip design teams working on processor technology innovations. When not immersed in the digital world, he enjoys spending time with his wife, traveling and pursuing outdoor activities.

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