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Thu. May 14, 2020

Duration:60 minutes

Recently, a surging response to the COVID-19 pandemic has led to an exponential increase in study support for biocontainment and bioexclusion research. Mouse models are being rapidly developed in both areas, and biosafe housing of these animal models is critical. Additionally, non-invasive home cage monitoring can improve the translational value of these research models.

Locomotor activity patterns can be monitored 24/7 as a diagnostic tool for biosecurity studies. Researchers, staff and animals alike will also benefit from a decreased need for animal handling, caging manipulations and animal monitoring.

This webinar will be most valuable for institutions where biocontainment and bioexclusion work is being considered or conducted, and for researchers who wish to better understand what can be achieved through continuous measurement of animal welfare based of use of non-invasive activity monitoring.

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Stefano Gaburro

Scientific Director


Dr. Stefano Gaburro has a strong academic background in preclinical research (mainly neuroscience). In his former role at DSI and now at Tecniplast, Dr. Gaburro has helped researchers refine their scientific approaches to improve their methodologies and use of lab products. Aside of his primary role, he has also served as Steering Committee member for the American Physiological Society (Neuroscience and Physiology in Industry) for many years.

John Hasenau


Lab Animal Consultants

John has been involved in lab animal research for over 30 years in varied areas of research, academia, industry, and most recently consultancy. He has managed and directed veterinary programs at large pharmaceutical companies in preclinical drug discovery and toxicology safety groups (Abbott Laboratories and Baxter Healthcare), as well as at a large contract research organization (Charles River Laboratories). He has also enjoyed teaching and research settings (Michigan State University, Ross University, University of Rochester, Northwestern University and most recently at University of Nevada, Reno where he retired). John is semi-retired, doing consulting work to help promote optimal Laboratory Animal Care and Welfare.

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