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Yeast protein: an answer to the growing demand for plant-based foods

Start Date:april 8, 2021

Start Time:3:00 PM CEST

Duration:45 minutes


Diets with low or no meat are now very popular. Consumers are willing to limit their meat and dairy products intake, for various reasons: from health to animal welfare and sustainability. Food and beverage manufacturers are facing a real challenge when it comes to develop suitable animal-free products, which have to be tasty, nutritious, healthy and with a limited impact on the environment. 

To answer this challenge, Biospringer has developed a nutrient-dense protein from yeast. It is a neutral-tasting ingredient that makes it a highly malleable and easy-to-use building block for great tasting high-protein foods.

In this webinar, we will take a look at the market trends and Biospringer experts will explain how their yeast protein can help develop great plant-based meat and dairy substitutes.

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Andrew Vasina

Food Scientist EMEA


Andrew Vasina is a driven and passionate food scientist looking to constantly innovate. He has an open mind and a love for discovering something new. He joined Biospringer North of America in 2017 then moved to Biospringer EMEA, located in France, to manage the Culinary Center supporting the region. Among other missions, he develops food application formulas using yeast extract to demonstrate its wide variety of use and benefits while assisting in the implementation of yeast extract as a solution in a customer's formula and making technical demonstrations for potential customers.

Daryl Smith

Business Manager EMEA


Daryl Smith has a 20-year experience working in developing and developed markets with direct customers and distributors focusing on the flavours and food ingredients area. He has joined Biospringer EMEA a few months ago.

Christelle Mouteyen-Migaud

Marketing Manager EMEA


Christelle Mouteyen-Migaud joined Biospringer more than 20 years ago. She had the opportunity to contribute to Export Sales, then Quality and now is part of the Marketing team for Europe, Middle East and Africa. She has a master degree in Business from Institut Supérieur de Gestion and also an advanced Master in Marketing Management from ESSEC Business School. She has a real passion for yeast ingredients which she finds incredible due to their versatility.

Bénédicte Petton

Marketing Director EMEA


Benedicte Petton has joined Biospringer team as EMEA Marketing Director in December 2020. She has a long experience in the food industry, at an international level in companies like Monin, Dole or Elle & Vire. She is passionate about food and international marketing and is happy to discover the world of natural yeast ingredients… complex but with a huge potential!

Elizabeth Green

Deputy Editor

CNS Media

Elizabeth is Deputy Editor for CNS Media, which includes and Her BA in Broadcast Journalism has given her insights into digital marketing, and both online and print platforms. She enjoys reading and creating articles on consumer trends and ingredient innovation.

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