Managing the Legal Risks of Derivatives and Portfolio Investments in Extreme Market Volatility

Start Date:3/12/2020

Start Time:12:00 PM CDT

Duration:60 minutes


Join attorneys in Perkins Coie’s Investment Management practice as they explore issues and scenarios buy-side investors should consider as they manage legal risk in their portfolio investments amid market volatility.

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Andrew Cross


Perkins Coie LLP

Andrew Cross has deep experience in the investment management and derivatives practice areas, including the regulation of virtual currencies and financial technology applications. He represents financial institutions, commodity trading firms and corporate end-users that trade derivatives to hedge exposures to a variety of commercial risks. As part of his investment management practice, Andrew regularly advises mutual funds and their boards and investment advisers with respect to regulatory matters.

Stephen Keen

Senior Counsel

Pekins Coie LLP

Stephen Keen advises clients on the regulation of registered investment companies. With 25 years of experience, Steve is a nationally recognized authority on money market funds and money market instruments and has written extensively on these topics. He has represented the industry in connection with regulatory proposals and in developing new financial products for the money markets, most notably tender option bonds and variable rate demand preferred stock.

Todd Zerega


Perkins Coie

Partner Todd Zerega is the co-chair of the Investment Management practice and advises asset managers and other financial institutions in connection with their compliance with federal securities laws, the development and launch of investment products, such as ETFs, and with respect to their trading of portfolio investments, such as derivatives, repurchase agreements and other complex investments. Todd represents fund companies and their independent directors in connection with their responsibilities under the Investment Company Act of 1940 and the Investment Advisers Act of 1940.

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