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Plant-based protein that packs a punch! CanolaPRO® : novel plant-based protein for ready-to-mix protein powders

Start Date:30 september, 2021

Start Time:16:00 cest

Duration:50 minutes


As the plant-based revolution gathers pace and starts conquering the health & sports nutrition segment, we’re beginning to see subtle yet important differences emerge between different consumer segments: from ‘weight managers’ looking for delicious yet nutritious protein; to fitness enthusiasts striving for high performance and easy digestibility (without soy); to consumers with sustainability concerns searching for high-protein foods

In all cases, ready-to-mix protein powders have the potential to meet these needs and now, there’s a new plant-based protein that can help you achieve this while also tasting great without the lumps and grittiness or aftertaste that consumers have come to expect when drinking plant-based protein powder drinks. 

Meet: CanolaPRO® 
CanolaPRO® is a highly soluble and functional protein isolate, derived from non-GMO canola (rapeseed) that delivers a high digestibility score and a complete amino acid profile (PDCAAS of 1). 
Not only is CanolaPRO® ideal for RTM sports and RTM lifestyle products with a creamy smooth mouthfeel without lumps; it’s also sustainably produced, soy-free, gluten-free, lactose-free and nut-free. CanolaPRO® will be launched commercially in 2022. 

Join our webinar to discover more
If this sounds interesting, you won’t want to miss our dedicated CanolaPRO® webinar on September 30, 2022, at 16.00 CEST.

Our experts – Melanie Luangrath Director new business development, Barbara Jacobs, Application Manager and Maaike Bruins, Lead Scientist Nutrition – will delve into the details of CanolaPRO® and its potential to help you stand out from the pack and meet consumer needs.  

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Melanie Luangrath

Director New Business Development

DSM Food Specialties

Melanie Luangrath is Director New Business Development at DSM Food Specialties. She has over 20 years of diversified experience, including launching new product solutions and managing cross-functional innovation projects to commercialization. Melanie holds an MBA from Syracuse University, New York and currently leads the commercial team at DSM Proteins of the Future with CanolaPRO® as the first specialty protein of DSM’s protein portfolio. Before joining DSM in 2018, Melanie worked at Givaudan Taste & Wellbeing division and AkzoNobel. She is passionate about food experience discovery and curious about exploring new food combinations that are delicious, nutritious and sustainably produced.

Barbara Jacobs

Applications Manager

DSM Food Specialties

Barbara Jacobs is Applications Manager for DSM Proteins of the Future. In this role Barbara manages the applications efforts for CanolaPRO® and spearheads the development of demo products for both plant-based dairy and meat alternatives. A Food Technologist by training, Barbara worked at Unilever for 15 years across diverse product categories, including dairy cream alternatives and fermented soy drinks. She joined DSM in 2017. Barbara enjoys interfacing with customers and helping them optimize their formulas while supporting their applications trials.

Maaike Bruins

Lead Scientist Nutrition

DSM Food Specialties

Maaike Bruins works as a Lead Scientist Nutrition and holds a PhD in medical nutrition. She has been working for 20 years in the nutrition industry. In DSM she started in Innovation, developing innovative nutrition ingredients providing evidence-backed health benefits. In her current role she advocates for good nutrition through translating science into digestible messages. Proteins, micronutrients, and digestive enzymes are among her expertise areas. She is passionate about affordable nutritious solutions that improve the nutrition profile of food products and support the health of consumers.

Katherine Durrell

Platform Editor

CNS Media

Katherine is Platform Editor for CNS Media, which includes and Her MA in Linguistics has given her a keen sense of the power of language, which she enjoys putting to use in concise and interesting articles about the nutritional and F&B arenas.

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